Pulse & Instrumentation


The Advanced Electronic Volume Corrector (AdEC) allows for compensation of live pressure, temperature and supercompressability (PTZ) on gas meters with mechanical drive outputs or pulse outputs. The basic design of the AdEC allows for very accurate measurements and long term reliability. Long term commitments to research and development have allowed the AdEC to be the instrumentation choice of many utilities and industries.

AdEC Features:

  • • Large, easy to read LCD (8 digits/characters)
  • • Rugged fiberglass EMI/EMC protected enclosure.
  • • Multiple levels of security ensure the integrity of the gas measurement
  • • Non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • • Mechanical backup counter (meter mount version only)
  • • Gauge pressure displayed
  • • Universal mounting accommodates most gas meter instrument drives and also can be mounted remotely (meter mount version)
  • • Several communication port options
  • • Full Audit Trail with alarm and event logger
Romet Advanced Electronic Volume Corrector (AdEC)
AdEC Performance Data:

  • • Correction:
    • • PTZ (Pressure, Temperature and Supercompressibility)
    • • P Only (Pressure Only)
    • • T Only (Temperature Only)
  • • Configuration: NX19, AGA8 or SGERG88
  • • Imperial or Metric Units
  • • Meter Mount or Romet Mount
  • • Alkaline Batteries rated up to 7 years
    • • Backup battery or supercap to retain data during main battery disconnect
  • • Intrinsically Safe Class I Division 1 & 2 Group D, CSA LR59221
  • • Pulse outputs include unconverted, converted and alarm. Pulse width = 50ms