Gas Meter Accessories


Flow Inhibitor Fitting (patened) and Insulator:

The Flow inhibitor fitting is the next generation of needle valve kits that lower cost while adding many benefits.

  • • Eliminates needle valve tampering (no open/close lever is necessary)
  • • Eliminates User Error
  • • Provides greater safety in the event of pressure leak in tubing on instrument and decreases the amount of escaped gas.
  • • Ideal for use on all pressure taps
  • • Allows minimum passage of fluid across large differential
  • • Minimizes or eliminates need for costly needle valve kits.
  • • SST construction using standard hydraulic compression fitting 1/4" N.P.T. by 1/2" tubing
  • • Protects equipment by preventing rapid pressurization
  • • Optional Insulator Fitting
Flow Inhibitor Fitting