Gas Meter Accessories

Badger Read-o-Matic® Remote Reading for Gas Meters

Remote Reading for gas meters

  • • Evaluated to be intrinsically safe for gas applications
  • • Capable of sending signal to a remote register at a distance of 5,000 ft
  • • Self-powered with no batteries or external power source required
  • • Eliminates need for estimated billings
  • • Improves customer relations
The Badger Read-o-Matic provides an economical, time-proven method of obtaining remote readings from gas meters that are installed in basements, on rooftops or in other hard to reach locations. Without relocating meters, gas utilities can eliminate access problems, estimated billings, and inconvenience for meter readers and customers.
Badger Read-o-Matic® Remote Reading for Gas Meters



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Mounted on an exterior building wall, the Read-o-Matic remote register is connected by wire to the generator on the meter. Gas flowing through the meter provides all the energy needed to operate the generator and the outdoor register.

Read-o-Matic was the original outdoor register for water meters and the idea was so well accepted that Badger developed a Read-o-Matic especially for all hard case gas meters. Badger Read-o-Matic is helping thousands of utilities to save time, money, and manpower with meter-reading.

Although most applications are for residential sites, Read-o-Matic is equally suited for industrial, commercial, and apartment buildings where meter-readers have access problems. The remote registers also are frequently used in central reading stations for shopping centers.

Read-o-Matic is available with a direct-reading index and different generators for meters with capacities from 75 cfh to 10,000 cfh.

IMAC can also install Read-O-Matic’s on new meter orders or existing meters sent into the facility.