Pulse & Instrumentation


The Advanced Electronic Module (AdEM) allows for compensation of live temperature and fixed factor pressure on rotary gas meters. The basic design of the AdEM allows for very accurate measurements and long term reliability. Long term commitments to research and development have allowed the AdEM to be the instrumentation choice of many utilities and industries. The AdEM has a 20 year battery live, service free with weather resistant casing. The AdEM can fit onto Romet Rotary Gas Meters as well as other manufacturer’s meters.

The AdEM increases a rotary meter’s rangeability by eliminating the mechanical movements in a normal gas meter. The increased rangeability allows for very accurate low flow measurements that rotary gas meter’s have not previously been able to measure.

AdEC Features:

  • • Large, easy to read LCD (8 digits/characters)
  • • Rugged fiberglass EMI/EMC protected enclosure.
  • • Multiple levels of security ensure the integrity of the gas measurement
  • • Non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • • Several communication port options
  • • Full Audit Trail with alarm and event logger
Romet Rotary Gas Meter AdEM Electronic
AdEC Performance Data:

  • • Correction:
    • • T (Temperature and Fixed Factor Pressure)
    • • P Only (Fixed Factor Pressure Only)
  • • Powered by Lithium Battery (up to 20 years)
  • • Intrinsically safe (CSA LR59221)
  • • Rotary Meter Direct mounting
  • • Alarms: Low battery, battery malfuctions, battery life usage, capacity left, temperature sensor, temperature over/under range, uncorrected flow rate over/under range and memory error)
  • • Data Storage
    • • Last Hourly corrected and uncorrected volume
    • • Previous Day, Daily corrected and uncorrected volumes
    • • Max/Min Temperature with Date and Time
    • • Uncorrected Peak Flow Value with date and time
    • • And more.
  • • Uncorrected, Corrected and Alarm (width is selectable)