Machine Shop

International Measurement and Control (IMAC) Systems, Inc. is proud to offer our precision machine shop for service. Since 1978 IMAC Systems, Inc. has been performing manufacturing of propriety products, government contract work and job/batch work. Our machine shop is located strategically in Tullytown, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with access to major highways which helps ease transportation costs. We are located in a beautiful and clean 30,000 square foot facility with 3-stage power and large compressors.

We are capable of manufacturing precision components and assemblies using CNC turning, milling, multi-axis mill turning, grinding and other processes. Our precision quality is superb because of our experience in the aviation industry.

IMAC uses CAD/CNC and manufacturing technologies to provide our customer’s with quality precision machining. With full time engineers on staff we are capable of reverse engineering complicated parts and assemblies.

Our long term strong relationship with other shops allows us to price competitively complete processes that include pre- and post machining processes.

We serve a wide range of customers and are willing to do any size job, none to big or small.