Pulse & Instrumentation


The Romet Rotary Gas Meter Rotary Mount Volume Corrector (ECM2-PTZ) allows for compensation of live temperature, live pressure and supercompressability on rotary gas meters. The basic design of the ECM2-PTZ Volume Corrector allows for very accurate measurements and long term reliability. Long term commitments to research and development have allowed the ECM2-PTZ to be the instrumentation choice of many utilities and industries. The ECM2-PTZ can fit onto Romet Rotary Gas Meters as well as other manufacturer’s meters gas.

The ECM2-PTZ increases a rotary meter’s rangeability by eliminating the mechanical movements in a normal gas meter. The increased rangeability allows for very accurate low flow measurements that rotary gas meter’s have not previously been able to measure.

ECM2-PTZ Features:

  • • Large, easy to read LCD dual display
  • • Corrected Volume, Uncorrected Volume and Live Flow Rate displayed.
  • • Multiple levels of security ensure the integrity of the gas measurement
  • • Non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • • Mechanical backup counter available on Romet Rotary Meters
  • • Gauge pressure displayed
  • • Universal mounting accommodates most gas meter instrument drives and also can be mounted remotely (meter mount version)
  • • Several communication port options
  • • Full Audit Trail with alarm and event logger
Romet Rotary Gas Meter Electronic Pressure ECMII PTZ
AdEC Performance Data:

  • • Correction:
    • • PTZ (Pressure, Temperature and Supercompressibility)
    • • P Only (Pressure Only)
    • • T Only (Temperature Only)
  • • Imperial or Metric Units
  • • Meter Mount or Romet Mount
  • • Alkaline Batteries rated for average of 3 – 4 years
    • • Backup battery or supercap to retain data during main battery disconnect
  • • Intrinsically Safe Class I Division 1 & 2 Group D, CSA LR59221, UL 29R1
  • • Pulse outputs include unconverted, converted and alarm. Pulse width = 50ms