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Remote Totalizers

The IMAC Remote Totalizer line is an inexpensive way to remote read, totalize, normalize, standardize, and retransmit pulses or obtain an instantaneous flow rate. The products featured are all made in America by IMAC Systems, Inc.

R-1 Remote Totalizer: Pulse counter / totalizer

R-2 Remote Totalizer: Pulse counter / totalizer with divide capability to allow a 1 cu. Ft gas = 1 count with different common pulse outputs on meters (divide capability of 2, 10, and 100)

R-3 Remote Totalizer: Fixed Factor Totalizer: Allows fixed factor to be preset and normalize, standardize or convert measurement units. Also useful for fixed factor pressure conversion to show the corrected volume. Features a Form C relay for corrected pulse output.

R-4 Remote Totalizer: Remote Totalizer with flow rate indication and analog output. Designed for use with low frequency or high frequency input capabilities. 4-20mA output proportional to flow rate. Displays either volume or flow rate.

*All IMAC Systems, Inc. Remote Totalizers are enclosed in a NEMA 4 rated case.
Remote Totalizers



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