Pulse & Instrumentation


  • • Allows connection to popular AMR (Automated Meter Reading) systems including Itron and Hexagram.
  • • Allows for energy management (such as sub-metering applications).
  • • Allows for connection to MIUs (Meter Interface Units) and SCADA.
  • • Allows connection to Totalizers for Remote Reading, data logging and Control Systems.
Available for the following:

  • • Dresser Meters (LMMA)
  • • Dresser Temperature Compensated Meters (LMMA)
  • • All styles of Romet Meters
  • • All styles of American Meter Mechanical Instruments (BPI / BVI / BPICI / BVICI)
  • • All styles of Rockwell Mechanical Instruments (Emcorrector, Temcorrector)
  • • Instrument Drive meters and Front mounted index meters can be retrofitted with the IMAC Pulsimatic or IMAC Domestic Meter Pulser
Domestic Meter Pulser