Filters, Strainers and Scrubbers


IMAC Odorant Tank Vent Scrubbers are high capacity, low pressure scrubbers designed for use on the breathing lines of odorant tanks. The odorant tank vent scrubber is an activated charcoal deodorizer designed to remove odorant from natural gas. The odorant tank vent-scrubbers come in a variety of sizes, interchangeable with most industry standards. The scrubbers main application is for deodorizing exhaust or breathing vents on odorization systems – to remove odor during filling, re-fill or normal operation.

  • • 15 Gallon, 35 Gallon and 55 Gallon Standard (other sizes available upon request)
  • • In-Stock Item
  • • Optional Vent Assemblies
  • • 35 and 55 Gallon designed with condensate collection area
  • • 15 Gallon – Standard Inlet = ½” Swagelock Fitting
  • • 35 and 55 Gallon –Inlet = 1” or 2” NPT PVC
Odorant Tank Vent-Scrubber