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Reduce Expensive and Time Consuming Call Outs!

IMAC Bleed Line Vent Deodorizers are disposable; atmospheric pressure, scrubbers meant for use on bleed lines of natural gas control instrumentation. The Bleed Line Vent Deodorizer installs on the vent port of control instrumentation that bleeds natural gas. The Activated Charcoal deodorizer removes odor from the natural gas helping to prevent leak call outs. This unit is designed for use on any system bleeding natural gas including pneumatic controllers, relief valves and regulators.

  • •¼” ½” or ¾” Inlet Port
  • • In-Stock Item
  • • Disposable Unit
  • • Can be purchased in any quantity.
  • • Room to write installation or change-out date on label
Bleed Line Deodorizer



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