Rotary Gas Meters


The Romet Rotary Gas meter is a high-quality positive displacement roots-type gas meter that is available in an assortment of sizes and options.

Rotary type gas meters allow for measurement of large amounts of gas flow in a compact gas meter. The rotary gas meter can be used indoors or outdoors. This meter is ideal for utility (custody transfer) grade metering or sub-metering for all different types of gases including Natural Gas and Propane Vapor.

The Model RM-5000 Rotary Gas meter is an inexpensive, lightweight, compact, highly accurate gas meter. The RM-5000 has an extremely low pressure differential while running at full capacity making it attractive for many applications.

Model RM-5000 Rotary Gas Meter is available in the following configurations: Mechanical Standard Counter (STD CTR), Mechanical Temperature Compensated Counter (TC), Mechanical Instrument Drive (STD-ID or DC-ID), AdEM (Advanced Electronic Module) and ECM2-PTZ.

Model RM-5000 Rotary Gas Meter is available as a or 3” Flanged Meter (Stock)
RM-5000 Temperature Compensated VersionRM-5000 Temperature Compensated Version
RM-5000 Rotary Gas Meter
  • Capacity: 25 - 5000 scfh (depends on model)
  • Applications: Indoor or Outdoor Use / Custody Transfer or Sub Metering

The Romet Rotary Gas Meter Advantage:

  • • Vertically Integrated plant allows for all in-house manufacturing to insure highest quality specifications and timeliness of manufacturing.
  • • Includes: state-of-the-art CNC machining, plastic injection molding, computerized anodizing, and extensive R&D/engineering facilities.
  • • Metal Gears
  • • Pinned Timing gear to impeller construction - permanently locking the accuracy of the meter, preventing timing shifts due to sudden load demands or contaminants passing thru meter.
  • • Simple Internal Construction: Up to 30% fewer parts then competition.
  • • Common parts throughout meter sizes.
  • • Rugged, aluminum and steel