Used & Refurbished Gas Meters

Used and Refurbished gas meters and equipment

Rebuilt Gas Meters carried in all sizes and styles in stock for immediate sale. IMAC Systems, Inc. has a huge amount of rebuilt meters ready to be sold at a discounted rate.

These meters include all brands of commercial and industrial gas meters including:

  • • Romet Rotary Gas Meters
  • • Roots – Dresser Rotary Gas Meters – LMMA, B3, and TQM Style
  • • American Turbine Gas Meter
  • • American Diaphragm Gas Meter
  • • American CVM Gas Meters
  • • Sprague / Actaris / Metris / Schlumberger Diaphragm Gas Meters
  • • Rockwell / Equitable / Pittsburg / EMCO / Invensys / Equimeter Diaphragm Gas Meter
  • • Rockwell Rotoseals
IMAC Systems, Inc. is also a full repair shop with NIST traceable proving equiptment and highly trained technicians.

Many more types of gas meters are also in stock, please call for more information.