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Pop Relief Valve

The IMAC pop relief valve features a rugged construction body that is high tensile strength gray iron ASTM A 126-66 Class B for standard models. Cast ductile iron ASTM A-445-66 material is also available. Seat discs are Buna N permanently bonded to the seat disc holder. The seat disc holder is die cast aluminum, and the adjusting screw is machined aluminum. Both are black anodized for corrosion protection. The relief spring is 302 Stainless Steel. A stainless steel screen is provided for protection against bugs and other foreign matter. All springs snap-fit into adjusting screw for ease of assembly.

The IMAC pop relief valve is recommended for applications where a small, high capacity, inexpensive relief valve is desired. The IMAC pop relief valve is ideally suited for instrument protection, farm taps, gas engines and process industry installations involving air and other gases.
Pop Relief Valve



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