Catalytic Explosion Proof Heaters


The Cata-Dyne™ Line Heater is designed to increase the temperature of gaseous fluids to avoid hydrates formation during pressure drop. Applications include heating high pressure natural gas prior to pressure reduction, heating fuel gas for natural gas fired turbines and heating thick oils to improve ease of distribution. There are two types of line heaters which include manual controls and automatic controls.

Each unit consists of Cata-Dyne™ gas catalytic heaters mounted within a stainless steel structure. An offset serpentine tube passes through these heaters to allow infrared heat application to a large surface area. This large surface area allows for maximum transfer of heat energy.

  • • Easy to maintain, minimal maintenance
  • • Direct infrared heating, more efficient then indirect Glycol (No Glycol Necessary)
  • • Long Off-set Serpentine design allows for maximum transfer of heat to the gas stream with minimal channeling
  • • Environmentally friendly (no heat bundle replacement or dumping of ethylene Glycol)
  • • Long service life
  • • Very quite, no “water-bath” roar
  • • Quick and easy installation
  • • Stainless Steel heaters to limit corrosion
  • • Designed for use in Class 1, Division 1 or 2 Group D hazardous locations allowing for flexible installations

Common uses include: Town border stations, distribution stations, gate stations, and high pressure gas from oilfields

Cata-Dyne™ Line Heater (automatic)
Manual Line Heater



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