Pipeline Corrosion

Insulated Flange Joint Surge Arrestor

The Barlow “TMK” surge arrestor is a self-healing surge arrestor that limits the potentially destructive voltage levels but does not interfere with cathodic protection. Nominal values - 50 ohms at 250 volts and 30,000 ohms at 3 volts. The surge arrestors are priced competitively against fusible or sacrificial voltage relief devices with longer life spans. All “TMK” surge arrestors are maintenance free.

The “TMK” helps to curb the electrical breakdown of insulated flange joints and monolithic joints by deflecting the electrical current.  The “TMK’” series provides a safe grounding path with AC fault-current protection. This also help protect against potentially damaging lightning strikes. 

Options Include:

  • • TMKE fiberglass surge arrestor enclosures (supplied with brackets to install on insulated flange joints)
  • • NEMA 4, high resistant polyester resin enclosure to stand up to the most corrosive environments.
Monolithic Isolator Surge Arrestor
TMK-100 Surge Arrestor for T&B connector (#4 or #4/0)
TMK-200 Surge Arrestor with brass brakets
TMK-200 installed in NEMA 4 enclosure with brass mounting brackets
TMK-200 installed in NEMA 4 enclosure